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Explore the Wild Side of Tarangire National Park Safari

Tourists from various regions visit Tanzania to explore the highest mountain in Africa, and its vast wilderness area and rich wildlife. At the same time, the tourists also love to spend some time in Tarangire National Park, the sixth largest part in Tanzania, during June to September. Many visitors take advantage of Tanzania safari opportunities to explore the get closer to different species of birds and animals in a completely natural environment. At the same time, the visitors also have option to indulge in a variety of activities, while exploring the wild side of Tangarine National Park Safari.

Wilde Side of Tangarine National Park Safari that International Tourists Love

Tarangire River: The Tarangire National Park is named after the Tarangire River. The river enhances the scenic view of the region by passing through the park. While visiting the park during June to September, the tourists can see variety of animals visiting the river. Likewise, they can also explore the Tarangire River as part of the safari tour. Also, the tourists love to explore the Lake Manyara and indulge in a variety of water sports.

Rich and Diverse Wildlife: The Tarangire National Park is also home to leopard, rhino, zebra, buffalo, wildebeest, kudu, eland, impala, and gazelle, along with a large number of elephants and many smaller mammals. It is common for tourists to encounter many elephants throughout the safari circuit. Also, the tree climbing African pythons never fail to surprise the tourists from non-African countries. However, the visitors must visit the tree climbing African pythons during the dry season between June and September to observe these wild animals closely.

Many Unique Bird Species: The varied birdlife of the region makes Tarangire National Park hugely popular among bird-watchers. A number of surveys have indicated that Tanzania is currently home to over 550 species of birds. Certain species of birds like yellow-collared lovebirds and ashy starlings are also found exclusively in the region. The tourists can simply explore the swamps scattered throughout the park to explore many species of birds at a time.

Unique Vegetation: Many visitors link Tarangire National Park with baobab trees, the species that grow in the open acacia woodlands. The tourists also love to explore the strands of flat-topped acacia tortillis trees, along with occasional palm trees. Also, they get a chance to explore the swamps scattered across the park. However, they can explore the swamps only during the dry and winter seasons, as they become impassable during the rainy season.

Beautiful Picnic Areas: While exploring the wild side of Tarangire National Park, the visitors will find many beautiful picnic areas. Many holidaying families love to relax and enjoy lunch at these attractive picnic areas. The visitors also have option to spend time at various picnic areas throughout the park according to their safari schedule.

Ancient Rock Paintings: During the Tarangire National Park Safari, many visitors to love to visit nearby villages like Maasai and Barabaig. Many tourists even plan day trip to observe the lifestyle and customs of people living in such organic and natural environment. They also love to see a large number of ancient rock paintings located nearby Kolo on the Dodoma Road. Thus, the safari allows many international tourists to spend time as natural inhabitants.

There are several tour operator companies that help visitors to explore the wild side of Tangarine National Park Safari in a safe and comfortable way. The tourists also have option to avail the safari programs offered by these companies online regardless of their location. However, it is also important for the tourists to pick a reputable tour operator to make the Tangarine National Park Safari more comfortable and memorable.

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Enjoy a Magical Tanzania Safari with Your Family

Nowadays, most people live in a connected but virtual world of social networks, smartphones and mobile apps. So they often forget that there was a time when people were living in a completely organic and natural environment. A steady increase is also being noted in the number of people holidaying with their families in completely natural and organic environments.

You can always opt for Tanzania budget Safari to spend some time with your family in a completely natural environment. While holidaying in Tanzania, your family will get a chance to explore the region’s rich wildlife, unique bird species, diverse vegetation, and ancient rock paintings. Also, you can visit the Tarangire National Park during June to September to explore the flora, fauna and natives of Tanzania without any hassle.

Why Tanzania Safari will surely make Your Family Holiday Memorable?

Explore the Region’s Scenic Beauty

The Tarangire National Park is located on the southeast of Lake Manyara covering a huge area of 2850 square kilometers. Also, the Tarangire River flows through the park, and enhances its aesthetic appeal. The large number of baobab tree scattered across the park make the region look green and lush. At the same time, the swamps scattered throughout the area allows tourists to explore many species of animals and birds at once.

Watch Over 500 Species of Birds

According to several reports, Tanzania is home to over 500 species of beautiful birds including kingfishers, ostriches, sunbirds and rollers, colorful bee-eaters, and noisy hornbills. Also, certain species of birds like Ashy Starling, Rufous-tailed Weaver, and Yellow-collared Lovebirds are unique to this region. Your kids will also love the experience of watching a wide array of colorful birds at a time by exploring the swamps scattered across the park.

Explore the Rich Wildlife of the Region

Your family will also get a chance to explore the diverse wildlife of Tanzania while holidaying in Tarangire National Park. They will love to watch herds of zebras, wildebeest and gazelles trekking across the plains, along with a lot of elephants throughout the area. At the same time, the occasional lions, cheetahs, hyenas and leopards will both surprise and amuse your family members time to time. You can even plan to spend time onto the floor of the Rift Valley to explore varying concentrations of game.

See Ancient Rock Paintings

While holidaying in Tanzania, your family can explore the lifestyle, customs and cultural heritage of the local people. Your kids will be astonished to see how a large number of people are living happily without using mobile devices and social networks. Also, they will feel amazed to see a large number of ancient rock paintings located near the Kolo on the Dodoma Road. They also have option to explore many undiscovered areas in Tanzania through walking safaris.

Indulge in Many Exciting Activities

While holidaying in Tanzania, your family can indulge in a variety of existing activities both inside and outside the safari. Outside the park, they can take long walks, explore the beautiful picnic areas, and indulge in night safari. Likewise, the safari opportunities will enable them to observe the animals and birds more closely. Likewise, they will also love to explore many species of birds occupying the swamps. Many visitors even opt for day trips to spend time at nearby villages, and experience the organic lifestyles of the people living in the natural surroundings since ages.

You can easily avail the assistance of a reputable safari tour operating company to spend a comfortable family holiday in Tanzania without any hassle. Based on your holiday plan and budget, you have option to choose from several tour plans and schedules provided by the company. Also, you can easily avail the services of the safari tour operator through his website.

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Discovering the Treasured Wildlife Safaris of Tanzania

When we think of Africa, and Tanzania specifically, we immediately think of the animal life. Where else on our planet is there found such an abundance of wildlife?

Tailor made wildlife holidays are great options for those wanting to visit Tanzania on a specialized and focused itinerary.

Tanzanian Treasures:

Tanzania is an ideal destination for wildlife holidays as the country has so much to offer. All the parks and reserves are easily accessible and welcome tourists with great enthusiasm. The country, which is situated in East Africa, is virtually unparalleled in its abundance of natural resources and richly diverse habitats. The Great Rift Valley, the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro and the enormous Lake Tanganyika dominate the landscape; the lake, which is a heaven for all manner of mammals, birds and plants, including the indigenous wild orchids, is a great place to include on the itinerary of any tailor made wildlife holidays to Tanzania. You may even be lucky enough to sight a Black Rhino while on a visit here.

Whenever you travel in Tanzania there is a park or reserve, but the world famous Serengeti is the largest and best known. Spending a few days in this park could see you camping in organised wild camps around a log fire, or tucked up in one of the luxury safari lodges, which are built in keeping with the natural surroundings but blessed with modern conveniences. It is said that one will fall asleep to the far off calls of Hyena, and wake up to the wonderful dawn chorus synonymous with tales of this magical place.

The Serengeti is renowned for the mass migration of Wildebeest and Zebra that continually moves through its lands, coming in from the Maasai Mara in Kenya and travelling back as the season changes. This is the world’s largest migration of mammals and is a spectacular sight to behold. Giraffe, zebra, cheetah, elephant, gazelle, lion and even hippo could all be within your sight.

Tailor made wildlife holidays to Tanzania should also include visits to Arusha National Park, which lies at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. You may also choose to spend a few days in Ngorongoro Crater the magnificent natural feature that is home to a plethora of fascinating species. A trip to Lake Manyara for the bird life alone can be a fascinating addition too.

On an adventure to this particular country, there are myriad opportunities to get up close to the animal life. Do a little research beforehand so you can use the time you have wisely, an focus on exactly what you would like to see.

To the north of Tanzania lies the Uganda which is perfect for adventure in Africa. With safe land, friendly people, it is amazing to experience the nature. Today Uganda, the undiscovered pearl of African continent, have a new episode in the world of tourism and is a favourite place of tourist destination for safari holidays, wildlife tours, cultural tours, Gorilla tourism and adventure travel.

About Wapo Team:

Wapo Africa Safari is a safari and Trekking Tour Operator Company based in Arusha Tanzania which has an excellent reputation in Tanzania and East-Africa. Wapo Africa Safaris is managed and directed by a native Tanzanian who is a naturalist with a wide knowledge in sales and marketing, which is a bonus to clients. This company is specializes in building tailor- made safaris, Luxury adventure safaris and select budget safaris in Tanzania. The company’s passion is in providing the best services, from an individual’s first contact right through the time he/she return, the company understands that an individual’s holiday of a lifetime should exactly that, thus the company makes a commitment to make the experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

Why should one go for “Wapo Africa Safaris”?

The difference between this company and other ground handlers is that they are committed to show their clients how hospitable the Tanzanians are in organising safaris to the famous areas like National parks and Game reserves. This company’s speciality has been to give their visitors more detailed exploration of their country by organizing Mountain Treks, Bird Watching and relaxation visits to the coast and offshore islands. By conducting such adventures the company have given their clients an opportunity to experience the real Tanzanian including the famous Maasai, Iraqw, Datoga and Hadzabe and many more.

To get further details regarding Terms & Conditions and enquiry related matters please visit: info@wapoafricasafaris.com or for booking please contact/call on: +25 576 416 0200 (timing: 24/7).

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Anything Special & Adventure at Tanzania

Africa is known for its national parks and the huge array of wildlife and flora. When it comes to Tanzania in particular the experience becomes even more interesting. Tanzania Tours and Safaris are very popular in the world. So if you are looking for a very exciting holiday and can spend a few bucks then Tanzania is the place you should definitely not miss. It’s scenic beauty and the marvelous wildlife is really soothing to the mind. The excitement and thrill that comes along with it is simply beyond words. Among all the countries of Africa, Tanzania is the largest country that is adorned by innumerable of national parks.

Places to visit in Tanzania

A 6 days 5 nights tour is just the perfect thing to cover Tanzania for the tourists, filled with safaris and adventures and no lack of excitement. There are quite a number of places including national parks to visit in Tanzania. They are:

  • Tarangire National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary: this is known for its large population of wild elephants. This national park is the third largest national park and wildlife sanctuary in Tanzania.
  • Lake Manyara and Manyara National Park in Karatu: this national park is famous for its scenic beauty and the amazing location around the large Manyara Lake. This lake and the surrounding national park are known for the variety of fauna and woods. It gives the scenic beauty of Africa a whole new meaning.
  • Serengeti National Park: A Museum is located in the Olduvai Gorge that is followed by a exciting hike through the Serengeti National Park. In this national park the largest variety of land mammals are found. Starting from elephants, giraffes to lions and gazelles you just name it and if you are lucky you are sure to get a glimpse of them. The sunset from the outskirts of this village is breathtaking. This national park is home to a number of endangered species of flora and fauna as well.
  • If you are very lucky you can also get the glimpse of certain ancient tribes of native Africa and enjoy watching their activities and traditions to some extent.
  • Finally as all of us are aware, African Coffee is famous. How can a trip in Tanzania end without a visit to one such coffee plant. These coffee plantations are carried out meticulously over a large area of land and beautiful and rich coffee is produced for the world consumption.
  • In addition to all this, the overnight halts in camps, farmhouses and forest bungalows add the icing on the cake.

The whole Tanzania tours and Safaris is meant to give the tourist a complete taste of African life as a whole. It is way beyond words, to describe the whole Tanzania safari. Only the one who has experienced know the charm and excitement it is associated with. The food, lifestyle and the native and ancient cultures and traditions of Africa are rich and special.

The Wapo African Safaris Ltd. Carries out such safaris for the tourist from all over the world on a regular basis. They take tourists through the special spots in Tanzania in 6 days and 5 nights. The charges for this Tanzania tours and Safaris organized by this organization are very affordable and simply amazing. They know the emotions behind the bucks you spend for such an adventurous trip and so they leave no stone unturned to make the trip to Tanzania even more memorable and exciting for you. So what are you waiting for? Taking a vacation? Visit Tanzania and unlock the adventure within you.

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Observing Wildebeest Migration during Serengeti National Park Safari

In addition to being a UNESCO world heritage site, Serengeti national park is also one of the most popular wilderness areas in the world. Tourists from various parts of the world participate in Serengeti national park safari to explore the scenic beauty and oldest game reserve of Tanzania. Also, many tourists visit Serengeti national park to experience the Great Migration in person. According to certain estimates, more than three million antelopes migrate to Kenya’s Masai Mara Game Reserve each year.

As part of these antelopes, a large number of wildebeest migrate throughout the year to fresh grazing land and quality water. However, the rainfall patterns decide the timing of the Serengeti wildebeest migration. Also, the migrating herds differ from one month to another. Normally, rain starts in the region in early November. During late November or early December, the herds of wildebeest start gathering at short-grass plains of the Serengeti. They remain and procreate in the regions till March.

If you visit Serengeti national park during this period, you will find wildebeest including zebras feeding on fresh grasses along with their calves. But the wildebeest will start migrating north around April in search of fresh grass and quality water. The migration will continue till September. If you visit wildebeest calves during April to September you will observe a series of moving columns consisting zebras as well as Thompson’s and Grant’s gazelles. However, the herds of wildebeest will start moving south around October. Hence, the wildebeest can be seen in their old location by early November.

However, you can always experience a game viewing experience in Tanzania throughout the year. You can even consider going mobile to explore the wildebeest of the region in a more flexible way, while indulging in a variety of adventurous activities. You can further take advantage of the permanent lodges scattered across the Serengeti national park to enjoy a pleasant stay while observing the great wildebeest migration. However, you must plan your trip according to the first rainfall in the region to observe the wildebeest migration fully.

If you are planning to join Serengeti national park safari, it is important to understand the month by month migration wildebeest migration. Based on your holiday schedule, you can observe the great wildebeest migration by visiting a specific location. You can even plan camping expeditions to observe the migrating wildebeests closely. But you cannot accurately predict where the wildebeest will be during a particular week. So it is always important to focus on your stay or camping arrangements to observe the Great Migration without any inconvenience.

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Deciding the Best Time for Tanzania Tours and Safaris

Many tourists visit Tanzania to explore its varying natural geography, along with observing world’s greatest wildlife spectacle. But Tanzania is a huge country. So climate varies from one region in Tanzania to another. Also, the country has two distinct rainy seasons. You must visit the region at the right time to enjoy Tanzania tours and safaris fully. In addition to keeping in mind the climate, you also need to keep in mind the things to do in Tanzania.

How To Enjoy a Tanzania Tours and Safaris

For instance, you have to visit the region during June and July to observe wildebeest migration in the Serengeti. Similarly, you need to visit Tanzania during late January to February to watch wildebeest calving. While vacationing in Tanzania, you have option to indulge in a variety of adventurous activities, and participate in many local festivals and events. That is why; you need to keep in mind the prevailing weather conditions and things to do while planning Tanzanian safari.

Normally, the dry season starts in June and continues till October, while the wet season starts in November and continues till May. Many tourists plan their Tanzanian tour during January to March to watch the animals clearly when the density of vegetation is comparatively lesser. But you have to visit Tanzania during July to November to observe the great wildebeest migration. During the period, a large number of zebras, antelopes and wildebeest start moving in a southern direction in search for fresh grass and quality water.

However, many people love to visit Tanzania during the rainy season to explore the lush and dense vegetation. Also, they love to explore the diverse geography and scenic beauty of the region without holidaying crowd. But you will miss the chance to watch animals, if you plan the Tanzanian tour during the rainy season. You can always consider visiting southern Serengeti during the wet season to observe wildebeest calving and predators in action. You still need to remember that March to May is the peak rainy season in Tanzania, and not suitable for adventurous activities.

In addition to observing wildebeest migration and indulging in bird watching, many tourists also love to climb Mount Kilimanjaro while holidaying in Tanzania. If you are planning to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, it is important to visit the region during dry seasons. Also, you must remember that a large number of trekkers climb Mount Kilimanjaro during January and February. But you cannot climb Mount Kilimanjaro comfortably during March to May due to rain. You need to visit Tanzania during the peak season to explore Mount Kilimanjaro without any hassle.

When you are planning Tanzania tours and safaris, it becomes essential to decide the right time to explore the region. You can always visit Tanzania during the wet season to explore dense vegetation and save money. But you will miss the chance to participate in adventurous activities and watching game easily. On the other hand, you can visit Tanzania in the dry season to indulge in adventurous activities, watch game easily, and observe wildebeest migration. However, you have to spend more money to enjoy the Tanzania tour comfortable during the dry season due to the holidaying crowd.

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Explore Mount Meru as Part of Arusha National Park Safari

While planning Arusha National Park Safari, you have option to choose from popular tourist destinations and adventurous activities. Like other international tourists, you will love to indulge in game viewing and observing the largest giraffe population in the region. But you can always make your trip more exciting by exploring Mount Meru, the second highest mountain in Tanzania.

According to religious myths, Mount Meru was the place where Noah’s Ark finally came to rest after the flood receded. But Mount Meru lost its bulk before 800o years due to an eastward volcanic eruption. It is now a dormant volcano, and commonly associated Arusha National Park as a popular tourist destination in Tanzania. You can still identify the volcanic activities by observing the cones and scatters spread over its vicinity.

In addition to seeing the ash cone and summit crater, you can further hike along the crater rim. After reaching its summit, you can see Mount Kilimanjaro from a distant, along with observing a variety of wildlife on the lower slopes. So you will love the experience of climbing or trekking Mount Meru and observe the wildlife by indulging in walking safaris. Also, you can obtain a certificate from Arusha National Park after climbing to the summit of Little Meru sub-peak.

If you want to explore Mount Meru comfortably, it is a good idea to compare the Arusha National Park Safaris managed by different companies. You must opt for a safari package that provides you with the facilities and services required to climb, trek or explore Mount Safari in a comfortable and convenient way. Also, you need to ensure that the package is allowing you to explore Mount Meru, in addition to seeing the scenic beauty and wildlife of Arusha National Park.



The Most Authentic Way to Explore Wild Tanzania

 Each international visitor has option to explore the scenic beauty and distinct wildlife of Tanzania in a number of ways. While holidaying in Tanzania, some tourists opt for travelling by road to save money, while others opt for light aircrafts to shorten long road journeys. But the tourists who want to explore Tanzania in the most authentic way opt for camping safari. However, they have to incur additional expenses to stay in mobile camps. Also, the visitors must focus on several things to stay in the camps safely and comfortably.

WAPO African Safaris Ltd. makes it easier for international visitors to enjoy Tanzania in the most authentic way without putting extra efforts and spending more money. The visitors can opt for Tanzania Budget Camping Safari to explore the distinct wildlife and beautiful landscape of Tanzania by staying in comfortable mobile camps. The camping safari, spanning over 7 days and 6 nights, enables visitors explore popular tourist destinations like Tarangire National Park, Manyara National Park, Serengeti National Park, and Ngorongoro Crater while staying in mobile camps.

The staff deployed by WAPO will assemble tents for the tourist each evening. They will further collapse, pack and store the camping equipments in the vehicle for use at the next camping site. Hence, the visitors can stay close to the nature in a comfortable way without putting extra effort. At the same time, WAPO also deploys a chef to provide delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners to guests every day. Likewise, it also deploys safari drivers and guides to facilitate game drives and wildebeest migrating watching.

As WAPO deploys native safari guides, the visitors can always visit the places where wildebeests gather at the specific time. Also, the guides help tourists to explore many popular tourist destinations in the region and indulge in a variety of adventurous activities. WAPO also allows tourists to pick from several safari packages. Hence, each visitor can choose the right safari package according to his own preference and budget. Also, he can opt for Tanzania Budget Camping Safari to explore the places to see and indulge in things to do in Tanzania without spending a lot of money.

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Explore Coffee Culture of Tanzania while Indulging in Arusha National Park Safari

While holidaying in Tanzania, most international tourists focus only on game drives, camping, safaris and options to observe wildebeest migrations. They forget to explore the culture and history of the region, and explore the lifestyle and customs of local people. You can always make your upcoming holiday more personalized and distinct by meeting the local people and observing their lifestyle while indulging in exciting game drives and safaris.

Coffee production contributes immensely towards the economic growth and export sector of Tanzania. The farmers sell their coffee in three distinct ways. Some farmers market their coffee through cooperatives d private buyers, while others sell their produce directly to foreign rosters and international tourists. You can always make your Tanzanian holiday distinct by exploring the coffee plantations and making your own coffee.

You can easily explore the coffee plantations as part of Arusha National Park safari. Unlike other national parks in Tanzania, Arusha will not allow you to wild game like lions and elephants. But you still have option to monkeys, buffalos, zebras, giraffes and spotted hyenas at regular intervals. Also, you will love to climb or hike Mount Meru, one of the highest peaks in the continent. You can even reach the coffee plantations after a short bus drive from Meru.

After reaching the region, you meet the local people and observe their lifestyle and routines. Your guide will further help you to visit the fields and coffee plantation without any hassle. While visiting the coffee plantation, you can learn how coffee is planted, harvested and processed. You will also love the experience of roasting and grinding coffee beans, and prepare your own cup of coffee. You can further complement the freshly brewed coffee with a variety of local and homemade snacks.

Also, you can consider enjoying a delicious traditional lunch with a local people. However, you must avail the assistance of local and native guides to explore the coffee plantations and observe the lifestyle of local people more conveniently. The team at WAPO African Safaris believes in making Arusha National Park safari personalized and special for each visitor. We deploy native tour guides and staff to help international tourists explore the coffee plantation while visiting Arusha National Park.

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Deciding the Best Time for Tanzania Migration Safari

Many researchers have stated that there was a time when wildebeest migrations were common in various parts of the world. But a modern visitor has to travel to Tanzania to experience and observe wildebeest migration live. The internationals who have experienced the natural event called the event as the World Cup of Wildlife. You can always plan Tanzania Migration Safari to observe over 1.4 million wildebeest and hundreds of thousands of zebra migrate from Serengeti to Masai Mara in Kenya in search of quality food and clean drinking water. However, you must schedule your Tanzania Migration Safari appropriately to see millions of wildebeest in action.

Normally, Tanzanian wildebeest migration is hugely impacted by rain. In Tanzania, rainy season starts in October and continues till May. The season starts with short rain falls and features occasional torrential thunderstorms. But the heavy rainfall in April makes the region unsuitable for camping expeditions and safaris.  When the rainfall is an inadequate, the wildebeest start migrating to Kenya early and ahead of normal time. Hence, you must avoid visiting Tanzania in April, and schedule your trip according to the rainy season.

Once the rainy season is over, the wildebeests start arriving at Masai Mara. The zebras first arrive at Masai Mara to feast on the green and fresh grass. Other wildebeests track for the region gradually through various routes and tracks. After arriving in Masai Mara, the wildebeests remain in the region from July to October. Many internationals tourists visit Masai Mara during the four months to observe millions of wild animals in their nature inhabitant. You can always plan the Tanzania Migration Safari during July to October to join other international visitors and tourists.

But you need to visit Tanzania during January to March to see millions of wildebeest cows dropping their young within a few weeks. Many international tourists plan Tanzania Migration Safari during January to March to over 300000 claves scattered across miles of short-grass plains. The predators also arrive on the short-grass plains to consume the calves without any hassle and restriction. Hence, you can consider travelling to Tanzania during January to March to observe wildebeest birthing and watch predators in action.

WAPO African Safaris helps international tourists to explore Tanzania throughout the year. In addition to helping visitors to experience the thrill of Tanzania Migration Safari, we also make all arrangements to make their stay comfortable and pleasant. We allow visitors to choose from an array of safari plans according to their choices and interests. Also, we deploy native guides and support staff to keep the tourists comfortable and safe throughout the Tanzania Migration Safari.