Many tourists join Tarangire National Park Safari to observe one of the largest collections of wild beast including elephants, zebra, buffalo, gazelle, impala, eland and hartebeest closely. Most tourists even visit Tarangire during the dry season of June to October to watch the migrating wild beast gathering around the dry bed of Tarangire River to find quality water. But you can always make the safari more memorable by observing the lifestyle, custom and festivals of more than 120 tribes inhabiting Tanzania.

Some of these native people believe in Islam or Christianity, while others believe in other religions. But you will love to participate in a variety of local festivals and events to make your trip both distinct and exciting. However, you must gather information about the most popular events and festivals in Tanzania along with their schedules and cultural significance. Based on your preference, you can have option to visit a number of races and art exhibitions that are hugely popular among local people.

If you love to participate in marathons, you can always consider running in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro Marathon is hugely popular among both amateurs and professionals. Some people participate in full or half marathons, while others love to enjoy the experience of exploring the routes that follow well-paved roads. Also, you can place bets as part of the Dar es Salaam Goat Races to contribute towards the welfare of local communities and tribes. Many tourists even love to watch many racing goats being coaxed by jockeys along the race tracks, along with live music and entertainment.

You can also consider visiting the Tanzacat Catamaran Race, the largest sailing regatta in Africa. The event spanning 10 days takes place each year in Dar es Salaam. The participants end the event by racing towards the island of Zanzibar. During the event, you can watch many catamarans racing on varying tracks of Olympic standard. Along with the sporting events, you can also consider exploring the art and cultural heritage of the local people by visiting the Bagamoyo Arts Festival. In addition to observing Tanzanian art and culture, you will also get a chance to observe sculpture exhibitions and workshop, acrobatics displays and dance performances.

However, you must remember that the schedule of these exciting events varies. Your holiday plan may not allow you to participate in all of these popular events. So you must gather information about the local events in advance, and decide the events you can participate in. Also, you can always try to participate in the events alongside Tarangire National Park Safari to explore the diverse geography, culture and art of Tanzania within a shorter amount of time.