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Explore Mount Meru as Part of Arusha National Park Safari

While planning Arusha National Park Safari, you have option to choose from popular tourist destinations and adventurous activities. Like other international tourists, you will love to indulge in game viewing and observing the largest giraffe population in the region. But you can always make your trip more exciting by exploring Mount Meru, the second highest mountain in Tanzania.

According to religious myths, Mount Meru was the place where Noah’s Ark finally came to rest after the flood receded. But Mount Meru lost its bulk before 800o years due to an eastward volcanic eruption. It is now a dormant volcano, and commonly associated Arusha National Park as a popular tourist destination in Tanzania. You can still identify the volcanic activities by observing the cones and scatters spread over its vicinity.

In addition to seeing the ash cone and summit crater, you can further hike along the crater rim. After reaching its summit, you can see Mount Kilimanjaro from a distant, along with observing a variety of wildlife on the lower slopes. So you will love the experience of climbing or trekking Mount Meru and observe the wildlife by indulging in walking safaris. Also, you can obtain a certificate from Arusha National Park after climbing to the summit of Little Meru sub-peak.

If you want to explore Mount Meru comfortably, it is a good idea to compare the Arusha National Park Safaris managed by different companies. You must opt for a safari package that provides you with the facilities and services required to climb, trek or explore Mount Safari in a comfortable and convenient way. Also, you need to ensure that the package is allowing you to explore Mount Meru, in addition to seeing the scenic beauty and wildlife of Arusha National Park.


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