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Deciding the Best Time for Tanzania Tours and Safaris

Many tourists visit Tanzania to explore its varying natural geography, along with observing world’s greatest wildlife spectacle. But Tanzania is a huge country. So climate varies from one region in Tanzania to another. Also, the country has two distinct rainy seasons. You must visit the region at the right time to enjoy Tanzania tours and safaris fully. In addition to keeping in mind the climate, you also need to keep in mind the things to do in Tanzania.

How To Enjoy a Tanzania Tours and Safaris

For instance, you have to visit the region during June and July to observe wildebeest migration in the Serengeti. Similarly, you need to visit Tanzania during late January to February to watch wildebeest calving. While vacationing in Tanzania, you have option to indulge in a variety of adventurous activities, and participate in many local festivals and events. That is why; you need to keep in mind the prevailing weather conditions and things to do while planning Tanzanian safari.

Normally, the dry season starts in June and continues till October, while the wet season starts in November and continues till May. Many tourists plan their Tanzanian tour during January to March to watch the animals clearly when the density of vegetation is comparatively lesser. But you have to visit Tanzania during July to November to observe the great wildebeest migration. During the period, a large number of zebras, antelopes and wildebeest start moving in a southern direction in search for fresh grass and quality water.

However, many people love to visit Tanzania during the rainy season to explore the lush and dense vegetation. Also, they love to explore the diverse geography and scenic beauty of the region without holidaying crowd. But you will miss the chance to watch animals, if you plan the Tanzanian tour during the rainy season. You can always consider visiting southern Serengeti during the wet season to observe wildebeest calving and predators in action. You still need to remember that March to May is the peak rainy season in Tanzania, and not suitable for adventurous activities.

In addition to observing wildebeest migration and indulging in bird watching, many tourists also love to climb Mount Kilimanjaro while holidaying in Tanzania. If you are planning to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, it is important to visit the region during dry seasons. Also, you must remember that a large number of trekkers climb Mount Kilimanjaro during January and February. But you cannot climb Mount Kilimanjaro comfortably during March to May due to rain. You need to visit Tanzania during the peak season to explore Mount Kilimanjaro without any hassle.

When you are planning Tanzania tours and safaris, it becomes essential to decide the right time to explore the region. You can always visit Tanzania during the wet season to explore dense vegetation and save money. But you will miss the chance to participate in adventurous activities and watching game easily. On the other hand, you can visit Tanzania in the dry season to indulge in adventurous activities, watch game easily, and observe wildebeest migration. However, you have to spend more money to enjoy the Tanzania tour comfortable during the dry season due to the holidaying crowd.

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