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Observing Wildebeest Migration during Serengeti National Park Safari

In addition to being a UNESCO world heritage site, Serengeti national park is also one of the most popular wilderness areas in the world. Tourists from various parts of the world participate in Serengeti national park safari to explore the scenic beauty and oldest game reserve of Tanzania. Also, many tourists visit Serengeti national park to experience the Great Migration in person. According to certain estimates, more than three million antelopes migrate to Kenya’s Masai Mara Game Reserve each year.

As part of these antelopes, a large number of wildebeest migrate throughout the year to fresh grazing land and quality water. However, the rainfall patterns decide the timing of the Serengeti wildebeest migration. Also, the migrating herds differ from one month to another. Normally, rain starts in the region in early November. During late November or early December, the herds of wildebeest start gathering at short-grass plains of the Serengeti. They remain and procreate in the regions till March.

If you visit Serengeti national park during this period, you will find wildebeest including zebras feeding on fresh grasses along with their calves. But the wildebeest will start migrating north around April in search of fresh grass and quality water. The migration will continue till September. If you visit wildebeest calves during April to September you will observe a series of moving columns consisting zebras as well as Thompson’s and Grant’s gazelles. However, the herds of wildebeest will start moving south around October. Hence, the wildebeest can be seen in their old location by early November.

However, you can always experience a game viewing experience in Tanzania throughout the year. You can even consider going mobile to explore the wildebeest of the region in a more flexible way, while indulging in a variety of adventurous activities. You can further take advantage of the permanent lodges scattered across the Serengeti national park to enjoy a pleasant stay while observing the great wildebeest migration. However, you must plan your trip according to the first rainfall in the region to observe the wildebeest migration fully.

If you are planning to join Serengeti national park safari, it is important to understand the month by month migration wildebeest migration. Based on your holiday schedule, you can observe the great wildebeest migration by visiting a specific location. You can even plan camping expeditions to observe the migrating wildebeests closely. But you cannot accurately predict where the wildebeest will be during a particular week. So it is always important to focus on your stay or camping arrangements to observe the Great Migration without any inconvenience.

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