Planning For Tanzania Safari? Need To Know Details about Tanzania Shillings

Well! You want to satisfy your desire may be for shopping or for some extra activities in your Tanzania Safari Tours. Anything that matters most to you may be for a traditional thing or extra services in foreign countries needs an interference of local currency.

In Tanzania, the local currency is Tanzania Shillings which can’t be imported and exported. Though US dollar is acceptable at all Tanzania Destinations, there should be Tanzania Shilling in your pocket in case of shopping other than the tourist places. Having local currency will save your money, in case of a transaction error. So exchanging the US Dollar with Tanzania shillings at forex bureau or bank is recommended. Carrying Tanzania Shilling in your Tanzania Safari Tours is also important for tipping to the porters, tour guides, and other staff of the tour operators.

Guidelines Before You Arriving

In different countries, there are many ways to pay like through credit or debit cards, traveler’s checks, and cash. Let us give you some information about local currency that includes in your planning list of Tanzania Safari Cost.

  • Tanzania shilling can be exchanged with other currencies like the Euro, USD, and others.
  • Though you can exchange money in different places, it is advisable to do an exchange only in Foreign Exchange Bureaus and banks.
  • Check the value of each currency in real-time while exchanging the currency at forex bureau or bank.
  • Don’t bring old or tattered cash, as the cash can be rejected by merchant. Especially, in Tanzania, most of the shops do not accept the US Dollar of earlier 2006.
  • Do not use traveler’s checks while abroad, as it will generate the problems for its inconveniency and time-consuming.
  • Spending through traveler’s check is always costlier than other ways, because of the high percentage of conservation rate.
  • In Tanzania, you can use Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Using debit card with VISA is widely accepted with no surcharge. In the case of using Mastercard, there is a 5% surcharge.
  • Carrying enough cash of local currency is the best option. Keep the cash on your front pockets.

Upon Arrival:

  • Entry Visa Costs

Bring extra money with you before arriving at the Tanzania airport for the Visa fee. The Visa cost is $ 100 for US citizens, while $ 50 for other country’s residents.

  • ATMs

In Tanzania, you can’t find ATMs on the outside of major cities. So, it is advisable to withdraw enough money, approx. $ 200 to $ 300 for daily expenses, before step out from the city.

While In Tanzania Safari

  • Tipping Guides

For tipping to the guides, you need to keep Tanzania Shilling with you in your Tanzania Safari Tours. In Tanzania, during the tour, giving tips to the guides is an expression of gratitude as they are providing the guidance, help and comfort from the beginning to the end. The tipping is like a reward for the staffs from the client or customer and they will appreciate you.

Giving tips to the staff member by putting money inside the envelope is the best way of representing their award. Do not worry, as there is a minimum and maximum tipping price are available in our website.

  • Tanzania Shillings

In your safari, giving the Tanzania shillings in the place of US dollar actually matters. Be sure, the value of received Tanzania shillings is equal to the given US dollar or currency of any country on the basis of currency value of the same day.

  • Keep your receipts

Do not forget to keep the receipt safely, while buying or withdrawing money through debit or credit cards. To get well-calculated expenses after the travel, it is very important to keep the receipts.

  • Etiquette

At tourist places, the price quoted on the products is more than the real price. So, you should bargain for the products on which the marked price seems higher. The vendors are expecting to get more money by hiding the original price.

There should be a negotiation from you about the price of any particular product but in a friendly, spirited, and respectful manner. If you realize the real price is less than the negotiated price, you should leave politely the place or shop instead of wasting the time.

  • Tipping The ‘Group’ Of Staff

Putting the “tips for the group of staff”, in your budget list of Tanzania Safari Cost is necessary. But it is also important to know about the tipping amount for the group of staffs.

You should enquire about the minimum and maximum amount for tipping, as the amount will be appreciated by the recipients as a reward. Except the tour guide, the other staffs are chef, safari chef, driver, agent, and driver guide, will be the recipients of tipping for group of staffs.

  • Accommodation

On your arrival, there will be an agent to transportation and guide you to your hotel or lodge. Then as per the chosen service, you will get driver and 4*4 vehicles whether for your group or only for you.

In your hotel or safari, there will be a group of chef for you to provide lunch, dinner and breakfast. On your trekking and travel, there will be a group of porters and one guide will be with you to make your safari complete in time and to provide comfort.

You can get any type of accommodations like basic, comfort and luxury as per your wish.

Wapo Africa Safari provides excellent services for your entire requirements. Our dedicated and experienced staffs are always with you to give comfort.

  • Driver

Traveling with our safari driver, will give you comfort and make your safari safe and secure. Wapo Africa Safari has the best, most professional, knowledgeable and experienced driver.

The driver will be with you every time and give you the time and opportunities to observe and taking photos of wildlife. They can answer all your queries regarding Tanzania Wildlife Safari or Tanzania Culture.

They are very friendly and drive safely to your safari location. Put the tip into the list of your Tanzania Travel, for the safari driver.

We hope, our above tips will help you on your upcoming Tanzania Safari. Whatever you are using cash or the debit and credit card in your safari, plan for an estimated Tanzania Safari Costs including the tipping and purchasing. Do not forget to keep copies of important documents, receipts, etc. with you.

Wapo Africa Safari is here to guide you on the budget for expenses in Tanzania travel trips. Contact Us and get the guidance for your upcoming safari @ +255787160200

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Well! You want to satisfy your desire may be for